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Our Story

Not very longtime ago, we discovered three things that led to this intense urgency for creating Lushful.

1) Human health is a reflection of the soil health we grow our foods on
2) Climate change can be reversed by improving the very soil health
3) Natural farming- takes care of both the points!

The soil throbbing with life is not willed into existence magically. It has carefully evolved for millions of years and arrived at a configuration just about right for nature to thrive.

A gazellion bacteria and fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plants nourishing and protecting them.

And that very soil microbiome is also what reappears as the gut biome in our bodies. The healthier the soil, the healthier shall the fruits be and that much nourished be our bodies.

The family of pesticides and herbicides disrupt the delicate balance of the soil life making the soil vulnerable and further dependent on even more chemicals like a vicious cycle. Hence, feeding the soil with fertilizers to recover the lost nutrition is like solving a problem we only half understand.

Let us zoom in further to atomic levels. The picture is scarier. The chemicals not only poison the soil but rob the soil off its carbon sequestration powers!

The Solution

It is as old as time itself. Natural farming - what grows in the farm, feeds the farm.

It involves no chemicals and evolves as a self sustaining beautiful balance of all forms of life that support each other including weeds! Just the way trees thrive in the forest.

Living soil is what binds it all together. 

How will Lushful solve the problem

Lushful aims at building the ecosystem necessary for aggressive switch to natural farming. We partner with champion farmers already practicing natural farming on one end, create a necessary market for them on the other. Eventually influence more to join on both the ends.

Sure. It demands a lot of time and even more energy. But we lay our hearts on line for this dream.

The dream of living soils, natural foods and clean climate.

The dream of a Lushful Earth.

Our farmers haven't given up on that. We have not. Neither should you!

Our Team

  • Neelabh Singh

    Immensely balanced and fiercely calm

    May all the eccentric flavors you see or do not see in him, be attributed to his alma mater - BITS Pilani and IIMB.

    With an impeccable love for analytics, he can effortlessly sit with a mountain of data and tell you prophetic details over and above.

    He has been a banker in the past and owned significant roles later ranging from operations to product to marketing. 

    Climate change and healthy food is something he truly cares about and thus was conceived the idea of Lushful.

    His take on Life- Look close enough and it's all about numbers and patterns and some psychology in between.

  • Shridevi Yaraguppi

    She is what everyone isn't

    She brings in a palpable energy that is hard to miss even in the limited engagements you have with her.

    An interesting mix of Engineering from BMS Bangalore, an MBA from Welingkar School Mumbai, and a few stints in between and after.

    She co-founded Phulkebaaz managing the product and sales end to end and relished two other startups later. She brings functional precision and a mystical product vision all at the same time.

    Show her anything and she will show you the vivacity that was missing in it all along!

    Her take on life- There is always more to add to even the seemingly exciting.

  • Gautam Gurukumar

    Mostly a dreamer, sometimes a genius dork

    By thetime he graduated, he was sure of one thing in life- there is nothing that technology cannot solve,(except a badly cooked food).

    With the mighty experience of leading engineering teams at multiple start ups including Bounce, he brings to the table the much needed madness of execution. But equally notorious for zoning out in the middle of conversations.

    He likes building things and when he is not, he is buying some. Well, discuss any bizarre idea that interests him and he will code it to reality for you.

    His take on Life- It's all about high intensity feats- workouts, work or life itself.